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Project Planning in Princeton, West Virginia




When planning a new project, it is important to prepare your materials for a smooth process. At American Block Company, Inc., we offer project planning tips and advice to help make your next project a success.

Project Planning—Rules of Thumb

2½ Bags Mortar per 100 Block (40 Block per Bag)
800 Pounds of Sand per 100 Block or 8 Pounds per Block
1.125 Block per Square Foot of Wall Area
75% of Length of Wall Gives Number of Block per Course
Take Height of Wall (in Feet) Times 1.5 for Number of Courses
Divide Total Square Feet of Wall by 0.89 to Figure Total
Number of 8 x 16 Block
Approximately 7 Bags of Mortar per 1,000 Brick (143 Brick per Bag)
Approximately 1 Ton of Sand per 1,000 Brick
Figure Brick 6 (M/S) or 7 (O/S) per Square Foot of Wall Area
(Allows for Waste)
1.5 Brick per Running Foot of Wall
4.625 Courses of Brick per Foot of Wall Height
4.5 Brick per Square Foot for Paving, Hearths (Laid Flat-Solid Brick)
4-2-1 Mix—1 Ton Gravel, ½ Ton Sand, 6 Bags Cement
Fire Clay—2 Parts Fire Clay, 3 Parts Cement
Filling Block:
Cores with Concrete (Approximately):
8" Block - 0.93 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
10" Block - 1.29 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
12" Block - 1.64 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
Mix 1 Part Mortar to 2 to 2½ Parts Sand
(1 Bag Masonry Cement to 220–275 Pounds Sand)
Approximately 3000 Pounds per Cubic Yard (# Yards Times 1.5 for Tons)
Approximately 110 Pounds per Cubic Foot (27 Cubic Feet in 1 Cubic Yard)
Wall Ties:
1 per Every 10 Brick (100 Wall Ties per 1,000 Brick)
White Sand:
Plaster and Stucco—No. 1 or 2
Sandblasting—No. 1, 2, 3, or 4
(No. 1 for Finer Jobs—the Higher the Number, the Coarser the Sand)
4 Cubic Foot Bags Fills Approximately (9) 12" Block or (16) 8" Block
Take Square Foot of Area and Multiply by 4.5 to Get Number of Pavers
Buying Cement:
Portland Cement = 94 Pounds per Bag = 1 Cubic Foot
Masonry Cement = 70 Pounds per Bag = 1 Cubic Foot
Plastic Pipe:
Approximately 100 Pounds Gravel per Running Foot of Pipe
8" Rebar—1.1 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
10" Rebar—2 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
12" Rebar—2.7 Cubic Yards per 100 Block
Contact us today at American Block Company, Inc. in Princeton, West Virginia, for more helpful planning tips from our masonry supplier.